You have a lot to do! You will love it!


Very close-by, we have the best adventurous excursion there is in the Pyrenees, on the peninsula and Europe. The gorge of Mont-Rebei awaits you! We’d love to explain how to get there, what route you can take, what you need, things to consider and what precautions to take…

Cable car Vall Fosca

The Vall Fosca cable car allows you to touch the heavens at 2150m and makes it possible to climb to the lakes and spectacular peaks of our Pyrenees or to simply enjoy a unique setting, where stone and water have created some magnificent landscapes and spaces.

Returning from Mont-Rebei and Peguera (the highest peak in the county of Pallars Jussà at 2982m) many customers have commented with excitement:

We go to the other side of the world to see amazing things and we do not appreciate what we have here”


Riqüerna Valley, the Montsant de Pallars, El Monteroio, the Sant del Bosc, La Portella Blanca, Sant Corneli, Rock Lleuda, the Pic de Lleras, the old trail of Santa Engràcia, the old trail of Eroles