A very interesting visit for the whole family

Museu Conca dellà i Parc Cretaci

Leisure – Culture

In Isona, Orcau, Basturs and especially in the Conca Dellà Museum in Isona you will find footprints, eggs and other fossilized remains of dinosaurs.

The guided tour will explain the formation of the Pyrenees and the fossilization process. You’ll act as a real paleontologist and discover dinosaur footprints… not to be missed, you will get excited!

Many universities and companies in this industry trust us. Call us!


Every year, universities and oil companies from around the world choose the Tremp Valley to educate, to do research and to focus on geology specialty areas with their students: Stavanguer (Norway), Manchester (UK), Cergy-Pointesse, La Salle Beauvois (France), Parma (Italy), Germany, The Netherlands…

Easy access and the uniqueness of many geological sites within just a few kilometres make the Tremp Valley a world reference point for geology. Tremp houses a division of ICGC (Catalan Institute of Cartography and Geology) where you can find lots of information. Its specialists organize lectures, conferences, workshops, etc.