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In a radius of thirty kilometres around Tremp you will find three different rock types in different areas and an endless variety of lengths and difficulties. We will explain how to get there!

Americans, Canadians, Russians, French, Britons, Italians, they all come here to climb for a few days and they return year after year to enjoy this paradise for rock climbers.

We know what your needs are and we adapt ourselves to you!


The Pallars Jussà is the region with the most canyons of Catalonia. Don’t miss out on this! Discover the incredible variety of ravines with different lengths and difficulties. If you come with your family, there are canyons that are suitable for children … and if you are an experienced canyoneer, there are canyons for experts too!

Enjoy nature in its purest form!!!

Rafting, hydrospeed, kayak

Water is the connecting thread throughout this part of the Pyrenees. From the whitewaters of the High Pyrenees (Esterri, Llavorsí…) to the calmer lakes, rivers and streams of the Tremp Valley, it is water that will propel you into natural settings you never imagined existed.

Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Flying produces the most magical emotions that exist. Alone or in tandem you will experience very intense sensations, exploring the mountains from a bird’s-eye view!